Voice of the Lion

from by TIMŌRĀTUS/ weapons of indignation

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from Compass, released April 19, 2017
Aleks Tengesdal - Vocals/Cello/Guitar
David Napier - Guitar/Bass


o lord of Tyre, princes of Babylon
the principal ones of the earth
woe is you!
for a banner is raised upon a bare hill
can you hear it?
a trumpet is blown
can you see it?
for the LORD and the weapons of His indignation, behold, they come
against the walls of Babylon they go, those skilled in lamentation
for all the towers will fall that day
o woe is you! the principal ones of the earth, the princes of Tyre, against you is this raised!
He comes riding on the darkness and the clouds
behold! what is raised up will be trampled down
what is raised up will not stand
we will trample your shells beneath our feet and grind you into powder
and you will be no more!
behold! for this is the heritage of the saints
woe is you


from Compass, released April 19, 2017




weapons of indignation

the sanctum of my metal experiments - un-publishable music ideas that will never find record labels and large audiences - and demos - don't be surprised - it's rough and sharp-edged because it is meant to be like that. It's a graveyard of ideas, but they are still my ideas - if you like my ideas come! buy for free and purchase without cost!! I take my art seriously enough to make it! ... more

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